Micro-Firming Essence


🎀🌺 Micro-Firming Essence

*Product Feature:

👍Wrinkle resistance

👍Lift Up


Creates a hydrated, brightening skin in 3 seconds.

Tighten and lift up the delicate facial curve in 3 minutes.

👍The liposomes are coated with Multi-Peptide's active substances and hydrolyzed collagen, Instantly lift up aging skin, rejuvenate your skin back to a moist and resilient state.


Biosaccharide Gum-1,Lecithing,Carnosine,Tocopherol,Silibum Marianum Fruit Extract,Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate,Tocopheryl Linoleate,Hydrolyzed Collagen,Laminaria Digtate Extract Sodium Hyaluronate Organic Com-flower Extract,Organic Aloe Extract,Panthenol Hydrolyzed Jojoba,Dipot-Assium Glycyrrhizinate,Cu-cumber Extract,Squalene,Dn-g10.


💠Product 12 Insists: (out, out, out....)

  • ⛔ No Alcohol
  • ⛔ No Mineral Oil
  • ⛔ No Essence
  • ⛔ No Pigment
  • ⛔ No Fluorescent
  • ⛔ No Preservative
  • ⛔ No Heavy metal
  • ⛔ No Hormone
  • ⛔ No Benzene Peroxide
  • ⛔ No Tar
  • ⛔ No Agent paraffin
  • ⛔ No Talcum powder

After cleaning the face,close your eyes and spray the entire face.You
can also use after applying makeup: